Home Hill Plainfield NH in the Upper Valley

Home Hill’s Warmth is a Welcome Reprieve

Home Hill Inn in Plainfield NH  provides a warm, cozy setting on a chilly fall evening.  Driving through busy 12 A in Lebanon NH, crowded with chain restaurants and big box stores , you would never know that just down the road is an elegant old inn overlooking the Connecticut River. The Inn is located on River Road, just 4 miles from the turn off from 12A.  River Road is also home to Edgewater Farm and McNamara Dairy, but its so dark on the road at night that you feel that there is nothing there but you and the river flowing  just outside the passenger door. You immediately start to relax and look forward to the meal that has earned the Inn high marks from Trip Advisor and Yelp.

When you arrive at the Inn you  turn left onto the tree lined, lighted driveway – the trees are HUGE.  Once inside, there are choices to make. There are several dining rooms each with their own inviting personality so you can choose to eat in harmony with your mood! There are two intimate fine dining rooms with fireplaces, a large banquet room, and the more casual Tavern Room- also with a fireplace. The menu for all features gourmet farm-to-table cuisine with seasonal boutique wine lists.

We chose to sit in the Tavern room- warm fireplace and the World Series game on the tv to my back.  We started with a lobster and crab salad, served cold with a light citrus dressing. I ordered an artichoke, tomato and black olive flatbread that was delicious and my husband ordered seared scallops served over risotto  from the regular dining menu. Our food was perfect, the presentation was beautiful. No complaints. The service was outstanding, too.

The whole experience was pleasant from the drive from our house in Lyme to the dessert at the end of our meal. Oh, I forgot to mention the creamy cheesecake we had to finish off our night out. It was lighter than the usual NY style and the portion size was just right. We will be going back!



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