strafford vt cafe 232

Take a Winter Drive to Cafe 232

Cafe 232 is a tiny, colorful eatery located in “downtown” South Strafford VT. When you enter the tangerine inspired dining room , you immediately notice the art hanging on the wall…but, sit down first and enjoy the menu, get your order in and then walk around the small dining area and take a look at the quirky art in this comfortable setting.  The artist, a local man named Harlow Lent, lived and painted in South Strafford from 1947 to 1993 where he died at the age of 86. His oil and watercolors have been exhibited at several college galleries and at the AVA Gallery. Lent worked as a WPA artist in 1938, creating an etching called “Placing the Girders” and “Gossip” both at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. Additionally, two of his works went on display at the Bryan Memorial Gallery in Jeffersonville, VT in 2012. At Cafe 232 you have easy access to the art and can enjoy it while you dine.

Meals are available for dine in or take out. The menu is fairly traditional for breakfast and lunch. I had a BTL on wheat that had plenty of smoked bacon on it. The dinner menu looks much more creative and I am looking forward to trying their fried chicken, shrimp skewers,pot skickers and more. They all sound delish. Oh, and,dinner is  BYOB. Even better.

Cafe 232 serves breakfast, lunch and coffee Tuesday through Saturday, 6 AM -2PM, Sunday 7AM-2PM.  Dinners are served 5pm-8:30PM Thursday, Friday and Saturday. The ingredients are fresh and locally sourced where possible. There is wi-fi throughout the cafe so no need to feel rushed. Take a seat on one of the comfy sofas and settle in with a cup of coffee or tea and relax- soak in the quite and peaceful sounds of rural South Strafford!

And, rumor has it they have added live music to the menu on certain nights. I would suggest calling ahead to find out when music is available and who is playing. It’s worth the winter drive.



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