Lyme Inn

Lyme Inn: Thursday is Music Nite

The Lyme Inn has recently changed management hands and styles again and this time it seems to be working! The Inn was beautifully restored in 2010, but it didn’t seem to catch on. The renovations were well done, but the Inn was largely out of touch with the Lyme residents and guest in general. They priced rooms and meals far above what townies were willing to pay or recommend. The Inn suffered financially and has recently been listed for sale- but a noticeable change has occurred with addition of new management.

Max Comins, former owner of the Kedron Valley Inn, is now at the helm and his vision has made the Inn so much more enjoyable. He has lowered room rates substantially, re-thought the menu and reached out to “locals” offering a discount on Mondays and music night on Thursdays. Ford Daley, a fixture in the Upper Valley music scene (and a man loved by the Hanover High School students who know him as the guy in the Atrium)  is in charge of the music and he invites a rotating list of talented music friends to perform while you dine. I wouldn’t  say that its a venue to sit and listen to the music, but it is a venue to dine with music in the background.

On my visit there last Thursday, I had a fantastic cheeseburger, cooked just the way I asked, with piping hot french fries. Perfect tavern fare. The menu provides for more complicated cuisine should you prefer!

I had eaten at the Inn before last transformation and it was always quiet, with very few diners. On Thursday, it was packed and all parking spaces were taken. I think they are on to something good. Give it a try. If you are a Lyme resident, remember you will get a locals discount on Monday, but if you wait til Thursday, Ford and Friends will be there, too.



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