Photo by catherine.mcfarland86

David’s Hungarian Mushroom Soup

Last week, we dined at a friend’s house in Orford NH and he served this amazing (and, spicy!) mushroom soup. I love mushrooms and I have enjoyed the Rustic Mushroom soup at the Canoe Club in Hanover,  and the Spinach, Garlic and Mushroom soup at Three Tomatoes in Lebanon, but this soup was in a category by itself. It didn’t simply provide tasty sustenance, it provided heat . A nice HOT bowl of soup for an extremely cold winter- since that is what we seem to be stuck with this year.

Another appealing  thing about this soup: there was no heavy cream involved, just milk so it didn’t fill you up too much. You can (and should) add a baguette to complete the meal.

As a friend, he was nice enough to give me the recipe and allow me to share it. So, here is David Coker’s Hungarian Mushroom Soup. I suggest you make a bowl this weekend, sit by the fire and enjoy!


Photo by catherine.mcfarland86
Photo by catherine.mcfarland86


3 leeks ( I sometimes use shallots or sweet onions)

2 large Portabellas or 1 plus some Shitakes, chopped

1 hot pepper (your proclivities should guide you here)

3 T. butter


1 tsp dill

1Tbsp. tamari

2 Tbsp. sweet Hungarian Paprika

1 tsp. hot Hungarian Paprika (you may want to lessen the amt. depending on your proclivities above)

1 cup chicken stock

Cover, and simmer for 15 minutes

Make Roux: 2-3 T. butter

3 Tbsp. flour (we have gone GF so I now use corn starch- if you do it needs to be dissolved in a little cold water)

1 cup milk

Puree mushrooms and leeks adding a little more stock as needed

Combine: mushroom puree, roux, plus 2 cups of stock

Do not bring quite to the boil and serve with:

a dollop of sour cream

a few drops of lemon juice in each bowl

fresh dill and/or parsley

salt and pepper to taste

This soup is very forgiving of specifics.


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