Turkish at Tuckerbox

Wow. What a refreshing addition to the Upper Valley restaurant scene. A  completely Turkish menu. That’s what you will find at Tuckerbox in downtown White River Junction. Finally, food that is unheard of in this area. For a relatively small geographic area like ours, we have good restaurant choices, but most are serving the same predictable take on American, Asian, Fusion or Mexican food. Nothing our taste buds aren’t used to.

At Tuckerbox, they are serving up traditional Turkish food and it is a treat to dine there. If you have ever been to Tuckerbox, you probably know that they serve a great breakfast and have the best coffee in the Upper Valley. Forget Starbucks. There is no comparison. But, now , with the change in ownership, they are serving Turkish food at dinner in addition to the lunch and breakfast menu.

The gang I was dining with chose the Turkish Meze Platter as a starter. It was great for sharing!  It included haydari, hummus, babaganoush, Turkish salsa, stuffed grape leaves and is served with lavash bread. The large plate served three of us and we had little left over. We all three chose from the kebab selection for our main course: Döner Kebab (marinated lamb and beef slow roasted on a vertical rotisserie, sliced very thin),  Lamb Shish Kebab (tender lamb marinated in their house sauce and grilled on skewers), and Chicken Adana Kebab (hand ground chicken breast seasoned with fire roasted red peppers and parsley.  The chicken kebab was mildly spicy, the other two were not spicy at all.

We all enjoyed our meal (except for the cold air pouring through the main door when it was opened) and will be returning soon to celebrate a birthday. If you are looking for a great new dining venue, go to Tuckerbox and experience Turkish food, coffee and wine. It’s the perfect package!



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