Elixir Freight House White River Junction Vt the Upper Valley

Arlini-tini at Elixir. Ginger Rules.

White River Junction continues to add a hip vibe to an otherwise traditional Upper Valley and I always enjoy treating myself to good food and good music in the Junction. Carol and I recently dined at Elixir in White River Junction- and, we ordered our favorite cocktail, the Arlini-tini. Elixir is located in the Freight House, along with Club 188 and Tupelo Music Hall and is a big part of why I love WRJ. The Arlini-tini is their version of a ginger martini- 1 part vodka, 2 parts Domaine De Canton, 1 part fresh lime ( NOT Rose’s) juice, with a mixture of ground ginger and fine white sugar to rim each glass. It’s the best ginger martini in the area, and worth a trip to WRJ if you enjoy the spicy/sweet burn of ginger disguised as a martini.

We did decide to add food to our liquid diet. Elixir never disappoints in the food category either. Their cocoa dusted filets are melt-in-your mouth good, although we opted for the crispy pan seared scallops, cooked to perfection, still moist in the center. The scallops were served on a bed of root vegetable ribbons ( think fettuccine) with sautéed greens, in a light lemon beurre blanc sauce, with a port reduction. We also shared the bacon, date, goat cheese appy before hand. I would also suggest trying their Truffled Fries with roasted shallot aioli if your waistline is agreeable to it. They are worth the next day fast to shed the effects.

So grab a date, a kid returning home from college, a friend, a colleague or a family member and make a reservation ( suggested) to dine at Elixir in WRJ- and, if you are over 21, consider adding the Artlini-tini to your evening. And, remember, drink responsibly!


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