scapes in a basket at cedar circle farm in the Upper Valley

Scapes Are Here!

On a recent visit to Cedar Circle Farm in East Thetford VT, I quickly spied garlic scapes for sale. I love their curled up repose, the way they seemingly avoid actually being tangled with one another. And, I love they way they taste- like sweet, mild garlic. They are excellent for making garlic scape pesto, no basil required. The flavor is mellow and works perfectly with pasta or spread on crostini. They can also be used more as an herb to add flavor to soups, sauces, casseroles, and marinades. Mix with olive oil and use as a mild garlic dressing. And if you are grilling other veggies or meats, you can just throw them directly on the grill in their curled up state and enjoy a crunchy scape with your meal. (Here are a few other scape ideas and recipes to try.)

But hurry to your favorite farm stand because garlic scapes are not available all summer long. They are only available before the planted garlic flowers and fully matures.

If Cedar Circle is your farm stand choice, check out Hello Cafe out back. The cafe offers a selection of baked goods like ginger rosemary cookies and strawberry muffins to accompany your specialty coffee, iced or hot. Wi-fi is also available in the cafe so you can linger and have a second cookie!

Remember, in New England summers are brief and the time to get fresh veggies is now. Fill your basket from now until September (ok, maybe early October) with fresh, local produce. Winter will be back. No doubt about that.





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