Michael Whitman Pine Caskets

A Pine Box- What a Way to Go

My parents are both elderly and, as the only daughter, I have been very involved in their care. My mother is happily ensconced at The Greens at Hanover  and her days are surrounded by the new friends she has made there as well as by the amazing staff. But, my father lives alone in his house in Macon, GA and I have been traveling back and forth dealing with his failing health and other issues. I have also been reading Tim Caldwell’s timely postings on this site regarding things to consider as we age- obituaries, legacies, and the importance of discussing things ahead of time before it becomes too stressful, or too late.

My dad is very upfront and matter of fact about things, but we hadn’t discussed details such as his wishes for a funeral vs a simple service, or the type of casket he wanted.  So, when I asked a few months ago, he told me, ” A pine box, and I mean just that!”

I remembered that Lyme resident, Michael Whitman, crafts handmade pine caskets, so I reached out to him. We are meeting next week for me to choose what I want for my dad. I can’t say I am looking forward to it, but I can say I find solace in knowing who will be making it and where it comes from. It may be a simple pine box, but I like that it has something special to me about it. And, the universe can be a funny thing.  Tonight, I turned on the TV and there was Michael discussing his simple, but thoughtful caskets- just a little sign telling me I made the right choice!

Watch the full episode,

Upcycling Your Memories

and think about the future.



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