They’re Taking Me to Marrakesh (aka, Marrakech)

It’s not quiet like the CSN&Y song for me, but it IS a trip like none other that I have experienced.   

I am here in Rabat, Morocco while my daughter films The White City, a pilot for the AMC network. I thought I would share my experience through photos of this beautiful and mysterious country with it’s welcoming ways- rivaling anything I have experienced in the American South.  I’ll be short on words and let the pictures do the talking:

Classic Moroccan Mint Tea is prepared by steeping green tea with spearmint leaves and adding several tablespoons of sugar. It is served throughout the day and can be quite sweet. Here is a rather laborious recipe to what seems a simple drink, but maybe its worth the added care?

Cats, not dogs are the preferred animal, however animals as pets in the home are frowned upon. It is the only place I have traveled where dogs are not welcome and cats are somewhat welcome, or at least ignored and left on their own! They are not kept as pets and certainly not treated as pets. Dogs, on the other hand, are considered dirty and it is believed that they keep the “angels” away. No one wants to even look at a dog.


I hired a private guide for the day ( surprisingly cheap) and went out to explore the White City ( as Rabat is known). The gallery below chronicles my journey. The one thing to note is the Mother in Law flower- apparently, you can make tea from the pistils…and, depending on how many you use, you can offer her a gentle sleep for a few hours or a more permanent one! They are toxic.


And, tomorrow, they’re taking me to Marrakech. No, really. More pictures later in the week.


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