White River Junction Thrift Store Makes the News with Locket

A woman purchased a locket at Listen Thrift Store in Vermont.

  • She found something completely unexpected hidden inside the charm.
  • Because of this, she returned the necklace to the thrift store, which is now on the hunt for the owner.
  • At least three people have claimed it’s theirs so far, but no one has been verified as the true owner yet.

You can find all sorts of intriguing items at a thrift store, whether it’s antique glassware or a piece of art that catches your eye. One thing’s for certain, though—the ashes of a once-living being tucked inside a pretty locket is not generally on your shopping list.

When one woman opened a delicate, heart-shaped locket that she purchased at the White River Junction Listen Thrift Store in Vermont, she found what she believes to be cremated remains left inside a small capsule.

Merilynn Bourne, who’s worked for Listen Community Services for 20 years, said about the incident, “This sort of event has never occurred before.”

On the outside, the locket appears to be pretty normal, but a message found underneath the necklace foreshadows what’s inside:

“May the solid brass urn contained in this locket hold the memories of your loved one keeping them close to your heart and bringing you comfort.”

Now there’s a mystery—who donated this unusual locket? The woman bought it in mid-June, but it could have been dropped off months earlier, making it tricky to track down the donor.

Bourne is using the power of Facebook to share this message in hopes of locating the elusive owner of the necklace. So far, three to four folks have claimed that the piece of jewelry belongs to them. But because a photo of the locket appeared in a newspaper, anyone can describe what it looks like and claim to have donated it, so Bourne hasn’t returned the item to someone yet.

Still, Bourne is happy that the woman who purchased the locket had the integrity to bring it back to the thrift store in the first place.

What would you do if you found something like this? It gives us the heebie jeebies to even think about.

[via WPTZ.com]


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