Tullando Farm: In Cows We Trust

Last night the Tullando Farms of Orford, NH hosted a potluck dinner for the towns of Lyme and Orford. (If you aren’t familiar with Tullando Farms, check out this article about their most recent award.) But, they did more than provide the venue and a few tables! They supplied homemade Shaunifries (if you don’t know Shaun, he’s Lyme’s police chief and apparently a mean french fry cook…along with his helpful wife), Tony Pippin and crew from Lyme Country Store were flipping burgers and dogs and white and chocolate milks were handed out to adult and kids alike- courtesy of Hatchland Dairy in North Haverhill NH. And, five flavors of ice cream were doled out by kids manning the nhdairypromo.org– as you can see they were happy to be paid in ice cream. All of this set to the backdrop of the farm’s amazing barn, with robots toiling away while we ate, socialized and listened to music by the Carter Glass Band, a local favorite.

The barn is complete with a cow massager. My horses would be jealous.

I am jealous of the robotic sweeper.

Thank you, Tullando Farms for a great evening amongst the cows!


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