The Most Scenic Drives

By Aaron Miller

More often than not, interstates are full of barely alert drivers, endless miles of monotony, and truck stops with varying degrees of sanitation. They get you where you’re going, sure, but if you never stray from the highway, you’re missing out on all the great slices of Americana that you’ve probably only seen on NatGeo.

Fortunately, the Federal Highway Administration keeps a pretty solid database of the best scenic byways, and with a little extra digging where the government list falls short, we came up with the definitive guide to the most scenic road in each and every one of our 50 states. Happy driving.

New Hampshire: Kancamagus Highway
State Route 112 has basically everything you would want in a road. Great overlooking spots, plenty of tall trees, lakes, mountains, even some legit American history sites, thanks to the colonial heritage.



Vermont: Connecticut River Byway
Do you like bridges? Yes? Good. Then this might be your favorite drive of all time. There’s literally a different bridge every few miles along the twisty path of US 5 and Vermont Highway 142. Not modern bridges, either. Old ones. The kind that have roofs, and that creak when you drive over them. There are 20 to cross, so definitely bring a camera.



Read about the other 48 state drives at  Yahoo Travel 

Photo by David Zaitz / Alamy Stock Photo. Design by Lauren DeLuca for Yahoo Travel.



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