VPR Touts Parmalee

There’s a new video web series being shot on the Upper Valley. It’s about two kids who make their sleepy little town instantly infamous.

The series title, Parmalee, is the fictional name of a Connecticut River town a lot like Lyme, New Hampshire. That’s where co-director, John Griesemer, lives and works in a big house with his wife Faith Catlin. With a lot of other friends in the theater business — both famous and undiscovered — they’ve been making this web series right in their neighborhood and they’re in the home stretch.

As some actors rehearse around his kitchen table and others get make-up and costumes in the living room, Griesemer settles into a comfy couch and sums up  the plot.

“It’s about a small town in Vermont where several kids come across or create a rather horrific and kind of terrifying video from a tragic event,” he explains. “And they upload it. And it’s what happens to the town when that video goes viral — when the world finds out about where this place is and what happened there.”

Read and listen to more at VPR.

Photo caption: Former ‘NYPD Blue’ actor Gordon Clapp shoots a scene for ‘Parmalee,’ a web series created by John Griesemer, center, and his wife Faith Catlin, and set in a fictional version of the Upper Valley.CHARLOTTE ALBRIGHT VPR


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