Silo Serves Up Winter Warmth

This past Sunday, my husband and I wandered down 91S to Artisans Park in Windsor, VT to listen to music, sip Bloody Marys and order up a warm, gooey grilled cheese at Silo Distillery.  It was the perfect end to a mild week. We needed a little excitement- the kind provided by food, drink and music.

I hadn’t been to Artisans Park in a while and I was amazed at the growth. Not only is Harpoon Brewery there, but the complex includes Path of Life Sculpture Garden, Sustainable Farmer, Vermont Farmstead Cheese, Great River Outfitters and  Simon Pearce Glass. And Blake Hill Preserves is in the process of building on site as well. It is a veritable food court full of worthwhile artisan products and endeavors!

Silo Distillery is very farm-ish. Red barn, sparse interior, great light. The ground floor is home to the distillery and sales/tasting room. Its wide open concept is appealing and everything smells so new and clean. The “product” is neatly arranged on shelving and the tasting bar is welcoming- the vibe is good.

Silo Distillery Vodka Gin Bourbon artisan spirits
Tough choices among these medal winners

On Sunday, the bar was filled with Bloody Mary fixings- spicy or not mix, carrots, stuffed olives, celery and Mason jars. You could also place your order for a grilled cheese- a choice of three gourmet sandwiches, grilled on a griddle in front of you. Everything was made to order, so the Bloody Marys were not melted and watered down while waiting to be chosen, and the grilled cheese was hot and completely melted. Pull it apart and the cheese followed. Yum.

Bloody Mary Silo Distillery Warm Grilled Cheese
Bloody Mary and Grilled Cheese Heaven

We traveled upstairs to the open loft with an assortment of tables and chairs to listen to the talented group, 4 to the Bar- fiddle, guitar, mandolin, bodhrán and vocals. Wonderful guitar, talented fiddle and beautiful harmonies all in a very attractive setting.

Before we left the venue, we decided to sample a taste of the unflavored variety of artisan gin, vodka and bourbon. We both enjoyed the gin and vodka and decided to purchase a bottle of gin, thinking that this warm weather was more suitable to a gin and tonic than a bourbon around the fire! And, honestly, the bourbon was a little green for my taste- not as smooth as I like it.

Silo Distillery windsor VT
Where it all comes together

After the event, we headed over to Vermont Farmstead Cheese where we loaded up on  a variety of cheeses, multiple crackers, bourbon infused maple syrup and a fresh baguette from King Arthur Flour. That was an unplanned stop that quickly provided an excuse to return soon. I can attest that the drive is worth it and we will be back!


4 thoughts on “Silo Serves Up Winter Warmth

  1. Chris

    As per Megan, thanks for the visit and the article! If you’d ever like to do a segment on our behind-the-scenes, please let me know. Always happy to communicate and educate about the craft!


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