Bite Into Biscotti

On a recent girl’s-night-out, two friends and I attended our first King Arthur Flour baking class. I am a frequent and loyal purchaser of KAF products, but I had never ventured inside the teaching facility adjoining the Cafe and Store. In fact, I have only taken one other cooking class and that was in Chang Mai, Thailand (and, I wholeheartedly  recommend Siam Rice Thai Cookery School– their wording, not mine).

We chose the Bite into Biscotti class in part so we would have something to give away to friends, hoping there would be too much to eat ourselves. A pie class? I could eat a whole pie. Cake? Ditto-in one sitting. Bread? Pass me the butter. Cookies? Raw dough is fine with me.  Finished product inhaled by the cookie sheet full. But, a tin of biscotti wouldn’t be as tempting since you really need coffee or wine to fully enjoy.



The class started promptly at 6PM and lasted until 9PM. The facility was amazing: spotless and well appointed. It immediately made you want to go out and purchase expensive equipment to beef up the street cred of your own kitchen. (I am lusting after the cherry red Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer and I hope my contest entry is a winner!!) It included a TV screen that allowed you to see what was happening no matter where you stood, comfy rolling bar stool chairs, a wide cutting board counter and your own set of “tools”. The class size was small so getting up close to the instructor, Melanie, and her ingredients was easy and very helpful. She made the first batch demonstrating measuring techniques, the importance of using room temp eggs, mixing in a “well” right on the counter rather than a using a bowl, and she gave us a bit of the history of biscotti.


Once her batch was seated in the cookie sheet and moved to the oven for the first bake, she set about helping us create our own batch of Biscotti di Prato using saffron threads to give it a bit of unique flavor and a beautiful golden color.


I am not going to detail the two recipes that were used, or give you instructions for making your own biscotti. I will, instead, encourage you sign up for a class at King Arthur Flour’s teaching facility. Where else can you create incredible edibles, have someone coach you along the way and clean up for you after you finish? Certainly not at my house.



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