Have You Experienced A Bahn Mi Burger?

Yes, I love food and will even make the drive it takes to have a good, casual meal at a new venue. This includes driving all the way from Lyme, NH to Northfield, VT to peruse the menu at the newly opened Cornerstone Burger on East Street. I took a friend along so that I had an excuse to try more menu items-specifically including Tater Tots Tossed w/Truffle Oil & Parmesan Cheese and Beer Battered Fried Pickles served w/Sriracha Aioli. I am originally from the South, so I consider my self a fried food expert.

The venue just opened in February so everything has that sparkly, new feel. It’s an attractive set up, with a mix of bar seating, high top, family style row seating and dining tables in the back. The lighting is great and the ambiance is suitable for families or a fun, casual date. We met with the owners, Keith Paxman and Rich McSheffrey, and they gave us a brief tour of the menu and suggested that in addition to the Tater Tots and Fried Pickles, we try the Bahn Mi Burger and the Duck Burger, both served on their signature bun.

I was underwhelmed by the Tater Tots and the Fried Pickles. The Tater Tots benefitted from the addition of the truffle oil, but they were unremarkable otherwise. And, to me, the beer batter on the fried pickles was too heavy and was a distraction from the pickle pairing. But when the burgers arrived, it was a different story.

Fried pickles and tater tots
Fried pickles and tater tots

The Bahn Mi Burger was moist and delicious. The ground pork was cooked perfectly and the condiments gave it that Vietnamese edge I was hoping for. It was accompanied by truffle parm french fries that, unlike the tater tots, were so satifying- well fried and equally well seasoned.

Going in, I was somewhat skeptical about the Duck Burger because I am not a big fan of duck, but I wanted to give it a try since both Keith and Rich had suggested it as one of their specialties. I was more than happy. Again, the burger component was moist and cooked perfectly. It is served with Granny Smith apples, honey smoked bacon, Swiss cheese, red wine Dijon remoulade and it all works to present a very tasty burger. We chose sweet potato fries with the Duck Burger and enjoyed them as well. (With each burger, you have a choice of hand cut fries, sweet potato +$2 ,  truffle +$2 or Cajun +$1.)

We split each burger- Bahn Mi and Duck
We split each burger- Bahn Mi and Duck

I am sure most Upper Valley residents won’t chose to drive to Northfield for a burger, but IF you find yourself headed to Norwich University or are headed through skiing/snowboarding at one of the nearby resorts, it is a great place to grab a casual meal.


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